"Believing it's possible," was the phrase uttered by a 15-year-old boy in a conversation with his parents. This speech marks the beginning of a new cycle in an entrepreneurial family, who believed in their own dreams, struggled and expanded throughout Minas Gerais and throughout Brazil.

Born and raised in Ipatinga, in the interior of Minas Gerais, Augusto and Élida have a chemistry that is beyond their affections. Together, they built a beautiful family, which today is also a company.

At first it was not easy. The company was not born overnight. The couple started selling cosmetics to family and close friends. Realizing that it worked, they decided to risk and sell in an autonomous way. Sales increased and then began to assemble teams.

Ten years passed and the couple continued in the saga of sales in a small town, in the interior of the state of Goiás. In the year of 2000 they decided to return to Minas Gerais. This time in Belo Horizonte.

Living in a very simple house with only four rooms and three children, entrepreneurship and the will to grow spoke louder and louder. The staff was growing and the family thriving slowly. Realizing that sales work grew rapidly, Augusto found himself dreaming of producing his own cosmetics. He made some tests and the handmade manufacturing began to flow, to the point of having to move the company to the basement.

Like every good company, the name needs to be relevant and part of that story. With Augustus was no different, always working as a family, the name chosen could not come from another place or way. The Desalfy came from within the house itself, which spelling, bears the name of the three sons: Deborah, Salmom, and Filemom.

The company was born in the heart of a family man who dreamed of extracting the best of nature to manufacture high quality cosmetics. The careful preparation and selection of ingredients made Desalfy a unique and high quality product. Therefore, the slogan "Who Uses Ama" was not difficult to achieve. It was in the heart of the family and in the mouth of the customers, who fell in love with Desalfy.

The children grew up. And Filemom, the eldest son, at age 15 felt duty-bound to take over the family factory to leave parents focused on marketing. A short time later, Salmon followed the same steps as his brother.

The ingenious boy graduated in chemistry and his younger brother too. Today, the company breathes through the strength of the work of the whole family, which contributes each in its function and dexterity in the business.

Currently, the company has its own headquarters with 850 m² and is present in more than 100 cities throughout Brazil. And to reach further and reach even more families, DESALFY launched its first e-commerce. The goal is to continue believing in the possible and conquering the whole country.